2009 – 19 – My virtual world, por Mike Vlcek

Caminhando lentamente, passo a passo, para o fundo do oceano, My Virtual World não transmite uma única mensagem, tampouco possui uma única interpretação possível.

Que tal achar a sua?


My Virtual World
(Mike Vlcek)

I let my heart fool me instead
I felt alive but now I’m sad
I built a castle playing on the shore with sand

And now the tide is closing in
and soon my castle will be gone
but I am not afraid to stay inside and drown

I stare and feel the rushing sea
so I no longer need my feet
and let the time drag me inside upon my knees

Seems I’m cutting through a glass
my reflection’s frightened of what’s deep inside
I wait in the dark to find
the answers I always chased
the water’s now in my face
I turn to the sky
and laugh

It’s muddy I must say
and briefly relieved
I turn the screen off cause it’s time to sleep

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